The One Show film with MARINElife in Lyme Bay (22.11.13)

Team Shot 1MARINElife are continuing to learn more about the White-beaked Dolphin in Lyme Bay, Dorset, through a programme of acoustic surveys to record the vocalisations of these cold-water dolphins.

The BBC One Show team and presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff were keen to join MARINElife during one of the acoustic surveys. Miranda is no stranger to the work of MARINElife in Lyme Bay having filmed with MARINElife in the past for the BBC series Coast.

The survey took place over 10 hours on Thursday 5th September and was a great success for the team with a 50-minute encounter with an active group of White-beaked Dolphin. The encounter provided great opportunity for using the hydrophone to record the dolphins calls and photo-identification shots to be taken of the dorsal fins which will be compared with the Channel photo-identification catalogue that MARINElife have compiled.

WBD 4Also great to encounter Balearic Shearwater during the survey - a globally threatened species of seabird which MARINElife study in the Channel.

Marine Mammals:
Harbour Porpoise 3
White-beaked Dolphin 6

White-beaked Dolphin (Tom Brereton)

WBD 1Birds:
Herring Gull
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Great Black-backed Gull
Arctic Skua
Great Skua
Balearic Shearwater
Sooty Shearwater
Manx Shearwater

The Lyme Bay Acoustic Project is completing transect surveys across the bay over the next 3 years to investigate the distribution and populations of not just White-beaked dolphin but also common dolphin, harbour porpoise and bottlenose dolphin.

MARINElife would like to acknowledge the support of the Valentine Charitable Trust and Ecologic in support of this project.

The One Show film was broadcast on 20th November 2013 and is available to view on BBC iplayer until Wednesday 27th November at

The film starts 26 minutes into the programme.

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