Help Save The Whales (18.09.15)

BlowsMARINElife, along with 11 other NGO conversation groups, have called on David Cameron to uphold his election promise to end whaling.

Despite a global moratorium being introduced on commercial whaling, several countries continue to hunt whales. Norway and Iceland objected to the moratorium, issuing their own catch limits instead. Japan carried out its commercial hunt under the guise of scientific research for decades until, in 2014, the International Court of Justice found Japan's whaling to be illegal, causing them to halt their Southern Ocean's hunt. However, they now intend to defy the ICJ's ruling, and kill a further 4,000 whales in Antarctic waters in the coming years. Together, these three nations have killed over 30,000 whales since the moratorium came into effect in 1986.

Whaling is inherently cruel, and in this modern era, unnecessary. Iceland's whaling fleet is operating at a financial loss. Due to a lack of domestic interest, Norway ships its meat to Japan (who, ironically, then rejects it due to excessive contaminant levels). Even in Japan, whale meat consumption is waning.

With Japan's whaling due to recommence this year, it is even more important that David Cameron stands by his words. With that in mind, a petition has been launched to ensure the British Government responds to its pledge, and commits to two key points:

1) Raise Japan's ongoing 'scientific' whaling, and efforts to undermine the bans on whaling and trade in whale products, in the context of:
a) the EU-Japan free trade agreement negotiations
b) Japan's campaign to gain a permanent seat on the UN Security Council

2) Instruct senior UK ministers to raise objections to commercial cetacean hunting, with Japan, Norway & Iceland at every opportunity.

If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures it will have to be discussed by MPs. If you are resident in the UK, or are a British citizen, please take a moment to sign the petition here: