Volunteer ESAS Surveyors Needed (22.06.15)

Balearic Shear Tom Brereton 04The European Seabirds at Sea (ESAS) survey is an ongoing collaborative partnership between the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and seabird researchers in north-west Europe, resulting in a shared database of sightings, managed by the JNCC. Since its beginning in 1979, ESAS has collected data from over 750 cruises, recording counts of roughly 3.5 million seabirds and cetaceans (data from JNCC's website).

MARINElife is offering opportunities for qualified ESAS surveyors to volunteer to take part in a one-day, small-boat survey of the South West (Western English Channel and into Bristol Channel). On 18th August 2015, in partnership with the RSPB, we are conducting this regional survey for Balearic Shearwaters, to help establish a UK waters population estimate, and build on evidence for identifying area hotspots for this species. If you are an experienced ESAS surveyor and would like more information about this survey please contact: info@marine-life.org.uk with the subject "ML ESAS survey"

Photo Credit: Tom Brereton/MARINElife