MARINElife is back to Bilbao

Common Dolphin Graham Ekins 7After a gap of almost 6 years, MARINElife is able to announce that thanks to the support of JR Shipping, it will now be conducting regular surveys for marine wildlife from the UK and Ireland to Bilbao in Spain.

The first survey took place in April 2016 and produced sightings of numerous marine mammals, seabirds and a phenominal number of terrestrial migrant birds. The reports from the trip can be found on the sightings page of MARINElife's website.

Adrian Shephard who is coordinating the surveys said that the surveys will take place every other month and take around a week to complete, visiting both the UK and Ireland.

We are deeply grateful to JR Shipping for allowing access to our volunteers and we look forward to gathering more valuable data about the wildlife of the Bay of Biscay, an area MARINElife first put on the map as a marine wildlife hotspot more than 20 years ago.

Recent Sightings