Commercial Vessel Surveys

Ferries and other commercial vessels which cross the same areas of ocean year round provide a valuable platform for conservation, research and passenger education.


MARINElife researcher conducting a survey on the BridgeMany shipping companies have generously offered us free passage on their vessels to help collect valuable off-shore data on the distribution and abundance of cetaceans and seabirds and we currently operate monthly surveys on the following routes:

  • Dover-Dunkirk (DFDS Seaways)
  • Newhaven-Dieppe (LD Lines Network/DFDS)
  • Portsmouth-Jersey (Condor Ferries)
  • Purfleet-Rotterdam-Leixoes (Cobelfret)
  • Weymouth/Poole-Guernsey/Jersey (Condor Ferries)
  • Jersey-St Malo (Condor Ferries)
  • Ilfracombe-Lundy (National Trust)
  • Liverpool-Dublin (Seatruck Ferries)
  • Liverpool-Belfast (Stena Line)
  • Heysham-Warrenpoint (Seatruck Ferries)
  • Heysham-Belfast (Stena Line)
  • Rosyth-Zeebrugge (DFDS Seaways)
  • Immingham-Cuxhaven (DFDS Seaways)
  • Immingham-Gothenburg (DFDS Seaways)
  • Immingham-Brevik (DFDS Seaways)
  • Hull-Zeebrugge (P&O)
  • Felixstowe-Vlaardingen (DFDS Seaways)
  • Portsmouth-Cherbourg (Condor Ferries)

All of the latest sightings from each of these survey routes can now be found on our Sightings pages.