Dolphin Watch with Dorset Wildlife Trust

On the 2nd of August, MARINElife volunteers Rick Morris, Glynis Northwood-Long, and Annalisa Renee, together with our routes manager Carol Farmer-Wright, joined up with DWT marine wardens for a cliff based dolphin watch from 11:30 to 15:30.

We enjoyed warm sunny blue skies and very good sea conditions, so we were all hopeful of some sightings. As MARINElife volunteers, we were there in a support role, whilst Dorset Wildlife Trust conducted a survey as part of the National Whale and Dolphin watch week.

Alas, today there were no cetaceans seen, but we were kept busy with a constant flow of sea and terrestrial birds plus a few different species of butterfly, which were noted for the 15 minute count.

Wall Butterfly Kestrel
Wall Butterfly and Kestrel Photos © Rick Morris

It was good to see a Swift early on, and we had the company of the resident Kestrel pair as they left the cliff and hovered looking for food throughout the day.

Apart from the dolphin watch up on the cliff, we also had our information banners up in the marine centre below. Carol offered to stay in the centre where she spent a few hours talking to the visitors about our work. Both adults and the children were enthused by Carol's vast knowledge of marine wildlife.

Up on the cliff, lots of visitors came up to see us wanting to know what we had seen, and what species we get around the area. Here they were also able to have a look out to sea using the trust's binoculars and spotting scope, as well as our own equipment.

Sea Watch
At the end of the watch, we all met up in the marine centre for a welcomed 'cuppa' and a re-cap on the day's events. All agreed that even though no dolphins were seen, it was a successful day with lots of interest from the visitors. It's always satisfying to know that after doing these public engagements, people have made their way home having been made aware of our marine environment!

DWT and MARINElife Folk

Our thanks to Dorset Wildlife Trust for hosting this and inviting us along.
Rick, Carol, Annalisa and Glynis.

Sea Watch Photo and DWT and MARINElife Folk Photos © Rick Morris


Bird species seen:
Swift 2
Cormorant 3
Black-headed Gull 11
Herring Gull 231
Lesser Black-back Gull 1
Swallow 13
Carrion Crow 3
Kestrel 2
Fulmar 1
Gannet 1
Shag 5
House Martin 3
Great Black-back Gull 2
Rock Pipit 3
Gull Sp. 20