Casual Sightings from Lundy 14th - 21st August

Viv Phillips, Kim Atkinson  Jan Ozyer

Common Dolphin Group Ruth GriffithCommon Dolphin:
6-10 from MV Oldenburg 14th and 21st. 
Many off west side 10am to at least 3pm on 19th;
20 individuals counted in one of two groups and activity spread over a wide area (also many Gannet and Kittiwake).

Harbour Porpoise:  
2 or 3 in tide race off SW near devils limekiln most days. 
Large group off The Battery on 19th (min 15). 
c6 in tide at north end on 17th.
3 off east side on 20th

Minke whale:  
Two feeding in tide pattern well offshore seen from Jenny's Cove. Watched for over an hour. 2-3 appearances at 10 minute intervals.