MARINElife's 2017 Annual Report Released

100 volunteer surveyors; 116 surveys; 39,296 km of trackline sampled (33,706 km through ferry surveys); and 7,361 cetaceans and 140,915 birds counted. And that's just the tip of a facts-and-figures iceberg! Yes, we at MARINElife have been crunching our figures (thanks to our new data management system, STORM) and have released our very first Annual report to much fan-fair.

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The report itself was revealed to our volunteers and supporters over the course of the last weekend in February, at our specially organised 'Dolphin Day', and the event's launch was attended by Mark Constantine, CEO of Lush, and Lyndsay Wilson, Mayor of Poole. We talked more about our new partnership with Poole's Dolphin Centre, our future plans with the Peltic Surveys (2018 is a go!) and announced another new partnership, this time with the CalMac Marine Awareness Programme in Scotland to monitor seabirds.

Beyond that, our new report covers the history of our organisation (we've been conducting research work since 1995!) plus more about the work we have, and still are, undertaking, including dolphin photo ID on bottlenose and white-beaked dolphins; North Sea cetacean monitoring; our help in the designation of marine protected areas for white-beaks, and Balearic shearwater off south-west England; and all the different types of boat-based work we do. It also includes month-by-month summaries of what was seen and where during our surveys through 2017.

There's a wealth of information included in our report, way too much to go into detail here, so if you want to know just what we do, and what we've got in the pipeline, then you can download a copy of the report by clicking on one of the links below.


2017 Annual Report Cover

2017 Annual Report Cover

Click above for high res report (pdf: 16.2MB) Click above for low res report (pdf: 1.5MB)

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