MARINElife Welcomes 25 Year Environment Plan

Fulmar Graham Ekins 01

The UK Government has release its 25 Year Environment Plan.

The UK Government has listened to calls, and has responded with promises, including the intention to retain strong targets for wildlife, water and air, and commitments on waste reduction and single-use plastics.

A coalition of environmental groups, including MARINElife, have released a press statement in response, welcoming this Plan, while urging the UK Government to align other new legislation with the goals set out in the Plan to ensure its successful delivery.

The coalition notes that the UK Government's ambition of restoring nature, the environment and landscapes over the next 25 years, will require "law on the page, cash in the coffers, and a watchdog with teeth".

To read the full press release, including recommendations from the coalition, please see Wildlife and Countryside Link's page.