The End of a Special Trip

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Well we have reached the final day of the research survey aboard the Minerva, our home for many weeks and I will be very sad to leave. It has been a remarkable trip aboard a superb platform for wildlife observation and we have recorded many species of marine mammal, including whales, dolphins, porpoises and pinnipeds together with a variety of seabirds.

The final day has seen us traveling over very shallow waters which have not generated any cetacean sightings; however the bird life has certainly kept us busy!
The passengers have taken a keen interest in the many species of birds we have encountered over the course of the trip and today was no exception with further new species being observed for the first time today. These included Fairy Prion, Thin-Billed Prion, Cape Petrel and a Pale-Faced Sheathbill which spent much of the day on the ship - certainly peaking the passengers interest! It then left later in the day, probably in search of penguin droppings for dinner…

I hope you have enjoyed the blog and sharing in some of the sightings we have encountered during the trip, perhaps inspiring you to go on a similar cruise yourself. We have been able to survey a huge area of ocean through our work with Swan Hellenic and we extend our thanks to them and the crew on board the Minerva for their help and hospitality whilst on board.

Best regards, Clive