MARINElife on board the CEFAS Endeavour for the PELTIC survey 2020

2020 marks the eighth year that MARINElife surveyors will have recorded cetaceans and seabirds as part of the CEFAS PELTIC survey on board the CEFAS Endeavour. This year the survey will last for 35 days and transects will span the English Channel, around the Isles of Scilly, eastern side of the Celtic Sea, Bristol Channel and, for the first time, Cardigan Bay.

Transects 2020
Transect plan for 2020

The primary aim of the survey is to assess fish stocks, primarily Sprat and Sardine, with data collected being used to set catch limits for these species. The survey is multidisciplinary though, with water and plankton samples taken at points along each transect (undertaken at night) and of course the MARINElife surveyors recording marine mammals, seabirds and any other larger surface vertebrates such as Tuna, Ocean Sunfish, Basking Shark or turtles.

This year the MARINElife team are Peter Howlett & Morgan Schofield who will be on board for the entire survey. This will be Peter's 4th PELTIC survey whilst it will be a new experience for Morgan.

Follow their adventures on this year's survey on the MARINElife Facebook page and the MARINElife website sightings page and keep an eye on @MARINElife_UK on Twitter as well.

Sightings in previous years have included:

Fin Whale Peter Howlett 01
Fin Whale (Peter Howlett)

Common Dolphin Peter Howlett 58
Common Dolphin (Peter Howlett)

Leatherback Turtle Peter Howlett 01
Leatherback Turtle (Peter Howlett)

Balearic Shearwater Peter Howlett 06
Balearic Shearwater (Peter Howlett)

Pomarine Skua Peter Howlett 03
Pomarine Skua (Peter Howlett)

Storm Petrel Peter Howlett 05
Storm Petrels (Peter Howlett)

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