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Monitoring the health of our oceans since 1995

MARINElife is a UK-based charity established to coordinate and develop a growing portfolio of global cetacean and seabird research and monitoring projects. Through these projects and collaborations with like-minded organisations, we aim to further the conservation of the wildlife of oceans and coasts through scientific investigation and educational activities.
As a leading scientific data-recording organisation for Cetacea (whales, dolphins and porpoises), seabirds, and other marine wildlife, we have been carrying out work in the English Channel, North Sea and the Bay of Biscay since 1995. Our original and longest running project was the Biscay Dolphin Research Programme, historically conducted aboard P&O Ferries' 'Pride of Bilbao' from Portsmouth to Bilbao until the end of September 2010.
In 2005, we became a registered charity as MARINElife and under this name we directly run and collaborate on not only the Biscay Dolphin Research Programme, but also an extensive programme of marine wildlife research and education projects primarily focussed in the European Atlantic region.
MARINElife actively encourages co-operation, support and collaboration with many other organisations, including those shown to the right.
Hear more about the work of MARINElife by watching the video from MARINElife Ambassador and wildlife advocate Billy Heaney.

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