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Cefas PELTIC Survey 2020 wrap up

Back home on dry land now doing a bit of data checking and sorting through photos. Thought you might be interested in some of the totals we recorded on the survey:


Common Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin 15

Common Dolphin 1767 (not very good for number of days at sea)

Fin Whale 1 + 3 probables

Grey Seal 1

Harbour Porpoise 30

Minke Whale 3

Risso's Dolphin 8

Tuna sp. 118

White-beaked dolphin 6

Blue-fin Tuna

Seabirds (inc. landbirds recorded while on transect):


Arctic Skua 7 (poor year)

Auk sp. 1081

Balearic Shearwater 177 (54 on transect, 123 off transect)

Black-headed Gull 3

Brent Goose 12

Chaffinch 14

Common Gull 36

Common Scoter 49

Cormorant 2

Fieldfare 2

Fulmar 329 (very good year for them)

Gannet 7492 (despite extra days lower than best years)

Great Black-backed Gull 730 (very good year)

Great Northern Diver 2

Great Shearwater 99

Great Skua 183

Grey Heron 2

Guillemot 2643 (total helped by transects in Cardigan Bay)

Herring Gull 305

House Martin 10

Kittiwake 3677 (very good year - aided by Cardigan Bay transects)

Larus sp. 80

Lesser Black-backed Gull 482 (very good year - most birds seen on one day)

Little Gull 82 (excellent year)

Long-tailed Duck 1

Manx Shearwater 222

Meadow Pipit 28

Mediterranean Gull 66 (good year)

Peregrine 1

Petrel sp. 6

Pied Wagtail 5

Puffin 48

Purple Sandpiper 1

Razorbill 1304 (very good year aided by Cardigan Bay transects)

Robin 2

Sandwich Tern 5

Shag 4

Shoveler 3

Skua sp. 2

Song Thrush 8

Sooty Shearwater 196 (very good year)

Starling 45

Storm Petrel 184

Swallow 2

Yellow-legged Gull 2


There were very few landbirds on board the ship this year, likely due to the persistent, strong, westerly winds. Though the ones we did see were pretty good:

Long-eared Owl

Red-breasted Flycatcher

Snow Bunting

Black Redstart




Song Thrush


Storm Petrel

Overall a very enjoyable survey again and despite all the iffy weather there were still a few memorable skyscapes.

Peter Howlett & Morgan Schofield

Snow Bunting (Jeroen van der Kooij) and Long-eared Owl (Peter Howlett)

Balearic Shearwater


Black Redstart and Red-breasted Flycatcher

All photos copyrighted to Peter Howlett/MARINElife unless otherwise stated

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