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Lundy WLO Ilfracombe-Lundy 29 June

Today was my first trip in a few years on the MS Oldenburg from Ilfracombe to Lundy Island. We set off at around 10:15 am with 218 passengers. I introduced myself to the crew and was led up to sort my things and get ready.


It wasn’t long after we set off that we started to see Guillemot and Manx Shearwater, in good numbers too. I spotted a few Herring Gull and Great Black-backed Gull and, as we got closer to Lundy, I saw two Gannet, one only just starting to gain some of its adult plumage.

Robin (Kizzi Stone)

During the passage I chatted to other passengers about the birds they were able to see and answered their questions about where best to see seals, Puffins and other species, it was lovely weather and so the boat had a lovely atmosphere and made it a lot easier to spot seabirds and look for cetaceans.


Shortly after reaching Lundy, I made my way up towards the small village, halfway there I stopped briefly for a drink and to take in the view where a small friendly Robin sat on the end of the chair, after taking some quick photos of the friendly little bird I continued up and then started on my walk to visit Jenny’s Cove.


During my walk I saw many of the animals that live on the Island such as the Sika Deer, Highland Cows, plenty of Sheep, most accompanied with fast growing lambs, I also saw a lot of Skylark, House Sparrows, Starlings and a very vocal trio of Ravens along the cliffside. Just as I reached my destination, I came across some of the Soay Sheep, after snapping some quick photos I moved up to get a better look at the Puffins and Guillemot of which there were plenty. You could hear the Guillemot from the top of the cliff clearly and I helped some other visitors locate the Puffins, there were also some Razorbill, Fulmar and more gulls, however the lens on my camera was not strong enough to capture any good photos of them.

Soay Sheep (Kizzi Stone)

Realizing the time, I made my way back toward the Oldenburg, spotting some more House Sparrows and butterflies along the path. After making it back to the landing bay I spotted some Grey and Common Seals climbing out from the water near Rat Island. We boarded and then set off back toward Ilfracombe, apart from a few gulls, Manx Shearwater, plenty of Guillemot and one Gannet bobbing in the water, I did not pick up any other species on our crossing back.


I thanked the crew and Captain Jason for the day, they had been very welcoming with a good sense of humour.

MARINElife/ Lundy WLO Kizzi Stone


Summary of sightings:

Marine Mammals

Grey Seal 3



Manx Shearwater 22

Guillemot 24

Gannet 3

Razorbill 11

Herring Gull 6

Great Black-backed Gull 19

Lesser Black-backed Gull 7

Puffin 20

Fulmar 7

Shag 3

Kittiwake 3


Wildlife seen on Lundy

Soay Sheep

Domestic Sheep


Lundy Pony

Sika Deer

Highland Cow




House Sparrow


Guillemot 100+

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