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Become a Supporter

You can help protect the marine environment

The MARINElife Supporter Scheme is your way to make a direct contribution to science for the sea.  Your regular donation will be used to fund our continued research - driving conservation policy through scientific evidence. No gift is too small and a monthly contribution of any value really does make a difference.
As a supporter you will receive regular updates on our work by email and you will also be eligible to become a Surveyor or Wildlife Officer.


Couples Supporters

Champion the cause together

We know that many of our supporters and volunteers share their interests with their partner - so for couples who want to help we recommend a combined support of £5 per month.

Individual Supporter

Together we can accomplish great things

Any contribution (however small) is hugely appreciated and directly contributes to our understanding of marine wildlife populations.   We ask our Surveyors and Wildlife Officers to contribute just £3 per month.

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