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Who Are We?

MARINElife Patron

  • Maya Plass

MARINElife Staff

  • Dr Tom Brereton: Director of Research
    Contact for data requests and research projects
  • Carol Farmer-Wright: Routes Manager
    Contact for existing ferry based research surveys and volunteer surveyors

  • Tricia Dendle: Data Manager and Charity Administrator
    Contact for Charity administration & data entry

The mighty Blue whaleAdult Gannet on take-off

MARINElife Trustees

  • Rick Morris: Chairman
  • Emma Webb: Deputy chair
  • Cheryl Leaning: Secretary
  • Alex Denny
  • Rudolf Williams
  • Duncan Fyfe
  • Nigel Symes
  • Peter Howlett
  • Russell Neave
  • Kate Llewellin

MARINElife Volunteer Positions

Surveying Poole-Santander David Fairclough 01

  • Adrian Shephard: New ferry routes and training. Survey Route Organiser (UK/Ireland-Bilbao)
  • Kate Redman: Contact for PR and Publicity
  • Rick & Sharon Morris: Local Shows Managers. Contact for volunteering and organisation of local shows/events
  • Carol Farmer-Wright: Survey Route Coordinator (Dover-Calais)
  • Adrian Shephard: Survey Route Coordinator (Dover-Dunkirk and Biscay routes)
  • Carol Farmer-Wright: Survey Route Coordinator (Felixstowe-Vlaardingen)
  • Carol Farmer-Wright: Survey Route Coordinator (Heysham-Warrenpoint)
  • Rachel Keay: Survey Route Coordinator (Heysham-Belfast)
  • Timothy Schaaning: Survey Route Coordinator (Hull-Zeebrugge)
  • Bob Tompkins: Survey Route Coordinator (Jersey-St Malo)
  • Elin Pheasant: Survey Route Coordinator (Liverpool-Belfast)
  • Tess Milton: Survey Route Coordinator (Liverpool-Dublin; Ilfracombe/Bideford-Lundy)
  • Thomas Fisher: Survey Route Coordinator (Newhaven-Dieppe)
  • Hanna Tarasenkava: Survey Route Coordinator (Portsmouth-Jersey)
  • Carol Farmer-Wright: Survey Route Coordinator (Poole-Channel Islands)
  • Glynis Northwood-Long: Poole-Guernsey Wildlife Officer (WLO) coordinator
  • Rick Morris: Lundy Wildlife Officer coordinator, Training
  • Lydia Tabrizi: Training course coordinator
  • Martin Kitching: North East Regional Officer
  • Pam Buchan; Pete Howlett; Sally Taylor; Rick Morris; Elaine Brown; Adrian Shephard: Website Sightings Support
  • Peter Howlett; Tegan Greenway; Ellie Barnham; Laetitia Nunney; Jo Stafford; Louise Matthews; Rob Petley-Jones; Sightings Reports

Volunteer Vacancies

  • Fund raising Officer
  • Data Entry
  • Project Coordinator
  • Surveyors
  • Wildlife Officers