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2015 MARINElife Training Courses

Learn more about the identification of the whales, dolphins and seabirds that can be seen around the UK by attending one of MARINElife's Training Courses.
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Clet, The Cosmopolitan Dolphin (16.03.15)

Recently the well-known, and extremely well-travelled dolphin, Clet, was spotted off Balaclava Bay, Portland. Find out more about this roving bottlenose’s journey, and our work to record the individual Bottlenose Dolphins off our coast. Photo credit: Steve Belasco.

MARINElife Southwest Sightings Project

We have re-launched our MARINElife Southwest Sightings Project, and are inviting members of the public to share their sightings of cetaceans (dolphins, whales, and porpoises) and seabirds. Find out more about these species, and what you can do to be a part of this project.

MARINElife and RSPB's Joint Trip to Farnes East and Coquet to St. Mary's rMCZs (01.10.14)

On 1st October, MARINElife and the RSPB went on the first of two joint advocacy boat trips to the Farnes East and Coquet to St. Mary's rMCZs, funded with support from the Wildlife Trust's MPA Fighting Fund. Find out more about this trip, and why these coastal areas are of such importance.

MARINElife has an incredibly important role to play in the protection of our invaluable coast and seas. The work that their dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers do to collect information on the distribution of both cetaceans and sea birds helps managers and policy makers make important and informed decisions about marine management and conservation.

Their work also helps to raise awareness of an aspect of our seas that few people appreciate - we have a fantastic selection of whales, dolphins and sea birds in our waters that some people might assume you have to travel abroad to see! Through this understanding and appreciation of our thriving coastal waters comes a desire to protect and conserve our local coastal environment. This is vital as we face a time where our seas are facing continued pressure from fisheries, climate change and other man made issues.

It is for these reasons that I am thrilled to become the patron for MARINElife and continue to raise awareness about their fantastic work and our stunning seas!

Maya Plass - MARINElife Patron

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