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Dover-Calais survey 20 May

Summary of sightings


Black-headed Gull Chroicocephalus ridibundus 1

Common Gull Larus canus 3

Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo 22

Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis 2

Gannet Morus bassanus 3

Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus 24

Herring Gull Larus argentatus 29

Kittiwake Rissa tridactyla 23

Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus 3

We boarded the Cote d’Opale and took up our position on the bridge, where we were welcomed by the Captain and crew.

Bird numbers were low on the outward journey, with occasional Herring Gull and Kittiwake, three Lesser Black-backed Gull and a single Fulmar, in total we logged just 32 birds.

Kittiwake (Library photo: Peter Howlett)

Our return journey from Calais began with a flotilla of 24 Great Crested Grebe inside the outer harbour wall and a similar number of Cormorant. Herring Gull and Kittiwake were again the most numerous species throughout the trip back to Dover. A lone Common Gull was sighted mid-Channel, shortly followed by three sightings of lone Gannets, our first of the day, including two fifth year immature birds. A single Fulmar was sighted in the same area.

Visibility, sea state, wind strength and wind direction remained more or less constant throughout the survey.

Overall, numbers of birds were notably low.

We would like to convey our thanks to the Captain of the Cote d’Opale, his bridge officers and crew for their hospitality.

Stephen Hedley and Pat Hatch, Research surveyors for MARINElife (registered charity no.: 1110884, reg. company no.: 5057367)


Outward: sea state 3, visibility moderate

Return: sea state 1-3, visibility moderate

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