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Met Office survey - 24 August Colla Firth

Rain and low cloud put a stop to any helicopter operations so we spent the day at anchor in Colla Firth. A day to catch up on blogs – which took the morning – then watch the birds flying through the rain. Winds were light today and there were noticeably fewer birds flying around inside the firth, even Fulmar (photo 1) were less numerous. Still a little time spent in a sheltered space on deck did add Arctic Tern, Curlew (photo 2) and Rock Pipit to the Colla Firth list.

Photo 1: Fulmar in the rain
Photo 2: Curlew overhead

The passage of the 250m super tanker Pacific Diamond past the entrance to Colla Firth on its way into Sullom Voe provided a little interest late afternoon (photo 3).

Photo 3: Pacific Diamond

Forecast is looking good for tomorrow, so with any luck we’ll be off to Out Skerries in the morning.

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